Rad Science, Inc. is Teddy Gage, an Emmy-nominated VFX magician with over ten years experience in NYC post-production: Film. TV. Commercials. Animation. Visual effects. 8K 3D 360 VR motion graphics. Gazpacho. SCUBA. Whale songs. 

Teddy Gage - IMDb

     Teddy has worked on TV & films for HBO, Comedy Central, Netflix, Hulu, Rob Zombie and A24, with the amazing studios Senior Post, Ghost Robot, Greencard Pictures, Jigsaw Productions, & m ss ng p eces

     Most recently, Teddy was VFX supervisor and ran the VFX department for the first-season run of "Alternatino with Arturo Castro" on Comedy Central. 

     At R/GAMother NY, BBDO, Droga5, and Industrial Color, Teddy helped energize brands like Verizon, Stella Artois, Bacardi, Samsung, GE, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Maybelline, Target, Intel, Mars, Discovery Channel, Visa, Clarins, Lowes, P&G, The Red Cross and more.


"Teddy is an absolute boss. 

Professional, detail oriented and FAST.

Last year hired Teddy to wrap up a VR job and he did it with precision. What took us weeks to assess and render took Teddy hours to evaluate and export. 


I don't want to tell anyone about Teddy because I feel like he's my secret weapon, but to be fair, do yourself a favor and HIRE HIM. 

Even his file extensions are consistent and uniform -- it's that level of professionalism that separates Teddy from the rest of the pack. 

Can't say enough, he's a pleasure to work with and has a really critical eye." 

Geoff G.
Sr. Digital Producer
Mother NY

     "Teddy is one of those amazingly talented guys, with a 'can do' attitude.

     A great Compositor, VFX Artist and Post "all-rounder" Teddy also works incredibly quickly, with a great attention to detail.


     He's able to quickly look at a job, create solves, bid and ballpark time as well as adapt to evolving ideas throughout the process.


     His collaborative nature and love of open dialogue makes him a dream to work with! I highly recommend Teddy for your production."

Anna W. 

Droga 5

Film Producer

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